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September 2019


Street crews continue to work on repairing potholes and general street maintenance throughout the City. Asphalt street overlays and surface treatment activities will continue throughout the summer. The Streets department is also performing maintenance activities in channels and creeks.


Work on Phase III of the Reclaimed Water System Expansion continues. The pipe laying portion of this contract should be finished in the month of September. Work has begun on the upgrading and enlarging of the pump station on Bear Creek.

The Well Replacement Project has begun, with preliminary site work at the Far North Well site. Preliminary work at the Fuller Well site will start in a few weeks. In total, this project should take about 12 months to complete.

The Bear Creek / Fuller-Wiser / Ash Lane and Midway Drive Street replacement project has begun. Phase 1 work on Fuller-Wiser and Midway Drive has already started and is scheduled to be completed by November 26th. The Bear Creek and Ash Lane Phase 1 portion is scheduled to begin on October 1st and will be completed by early March 2020. Phase 2 of each section will began after the completion of each Phase 1. Work on this project is projected to take around 12 months.

44th Year CDBG Sanitary Sewer Line replacement project construction is quickly moving toward completion. The areas of the Oakwood Terrace Addition that are being affected include properties along Martha Street, Cannon Drive, Henslee Drive, Jefflyn Court and W. Huitt Lane.

The FY19 sanitary sewer replacement project began in July and is almost complete. The areas affected were in the Cedar Hill Estates North Addition and include the South Euless Elementary School and properties along Hollywood Boulevard, Henslee Drive, and Cannon Drive.

The waterline replacement on Kynette Drive from Canyon Ridge Drive to Wilshire Drive is near completion.

Project Updates

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