Garage Sales

Euless residents seeking to hold a garage sale must first obtain a permit. An online registration form must be filled out and submitted to the Development Office.

Yard signs are to be created by the resident. The Permit Number must be indicated on the sign. Signs cannot be posted in the medians of streets, on telephone or utility poles, or block the line of sight for others.

Those applying for a garage sale application can opt to have their upcoming sale listed here.

Upcoming Garage Sales
Find It! 505 Jones St76040July 26 - 28
Find It! 1904 Marlene Dr76040July 26 - 28
Find It! 203 Valley Ct76039July 27
Find It! 212 Roundtree Dr76039July 27 - 28
Find It! 200 Laurel Ln76039July 27 - 28
Find It! 306 Witten Ct76039July 27
Map of Locations

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