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Become a Texas Master Composter

October 13 & 20, 2018, 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Euless Senior Center, 300 W. Midway Dr.

[Hands Holding Compost]Composting is nature’s way of recycling organic matter and returning it to the earth. It’s great for your yard and saves you money on water, fertilizer and chemicals. This course gives students an in-depth look at composting, its benefits and its challenges. Along with an introduction to vermi-composting (worms), students will learn about hands-on bin building and the biology of composting.

Participants receive a free composting thermometer at the end of the class, in addition to books and workshop materials for their personal use. Students are expected to provide 20 hours of volunteer time back to the community over a year to help further environmental education. The first 30 students completing their 20 hours of volunteer time will receive a free backyard composting bin.

The registration deadline is October 10. Please bring a brown bag lunch. For more information and to register, contact Betsy Deck at 817-685-1821.

Prepared in cooperation with the North Central Texas Council of Governments through funding from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Recipe for Composting

Carbon Items:

  • Pruned shrubs, tree limbs, rose branches
  • Cardboard
  • Tree leaves
  • Shredded newspaper

Nitrogen Items:

  • Grass clippings, weeds (without seeds)
  • Cottonseed meal
  • Uncooked fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Eggshells, peanut shells
  • Used coffee grounds, filters, tea bags
  • Water
  • Sun


Place your mixing bin out of direct sunlight if possible. Alternate layers of carbon and nitrogen until you are out of ingredients and moisten each layer as you add it. Mix the layers with a garden fork or a rake and moisten any dry ingredients. After about a week, use a garden fork and stir up the ingredients to aerate the pile. Keep the pile moist, but not soaking wet. Repeat for about four weeks and let the pile cure for two weeks before using. For more information, visit