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Boy Scouts Enhance Euless
One Project at a Time

[Boy Scouts]Have you noticed some youthful workers painting fire hydrants in your neighborhood recently? Chances are they are Boy Scouts, and not city employees. Over the past few years, the City of Euless has been partnering with scouts on community service projects as they work towards their Eagle Scout Award.

This year, Eagle Scout candidates Sekope Colon and Stuart Beck are applying a reflective silver paint to 40 fire hydrants in Euless’ residential areas.

Silver hydrants are more visible than red ones and silver paint doesn’t fade as quickly. Another Boy Scout is working on his Eagle Scout badge by building approximately a dozen bat boxes to provide shelter for bats. Located in a flood plain in Euless, these bat boxes are ideally situated for bats to consume mosquitos and other flying insects.

James Whitt, Assistant Director of Public Works, likes working with Eagle Scout candidates. “These Boy Scouts provide a valuable service to our City,” says Whitt. “For instance, we have over 1,700 hydrants in Euless. Three scouts can paint about 60 hydrants in a few months. In years past, Boy Scouts have also painted handrails along Euless walkways, planted trees in parks and even installed play features at the Euless Animal Shelter dog park.”

Collaborating with Boy Scouts is a win-win situation. As volunteers, the scouts learn valuable lessons and enhance their leadership skills, while the City of Euless improves its infrastructure without impacting the City’s budget. For more information, contact James Whitt at 817-685-1581.